Top Application Performance Monitoring Tools

Application performance monitoring tool

Do you have the information about the number of users that downloaded your app, What’s the behavior of the user when they use your app, how much ROI your mobile app is able to generate?

This information is very important to track the success of the app in the stores. And most important this is that by doing the analysis you can make improvements in your mobile app.

Now the question is how to track or analyze this information?

These numbers can be measured by the mobile app analytics tools and here we are sharing the list of the best application performance monitoring tools available to measure the app performance:

Best application performance monitoring (APM) tools

App Annie

Easy to use and implement this Application performance monitoring tool not only track user activity but also tracks app sales. App Annie is used by more than 700,000 applications. Now, it is integrated with Google analytic and after that, it supports the other app stores including Apple, Amazon, and Windows.

You can also check out the app data from Google Play and iTunes such as mobile application downloads, revenue, rating, review, and ranking.

Price: In free versions, you can view store stats.

Platform Compatibility: Android, iOS, Windows

Google mobile app analytics

This is a popular platform offered by Google and used to measure each and everything from downloads to in-app purchases, this tool is a good option if you are looking for a strong mobile analytics tool.

This tool will also provide insights into the navigation path (from where the users are coming) and the revenue with detailed reports. With this, you can easily track the performance of your mobile app.

Platform Compatibility: Android, iOS

Price: Free


MixPanel provides the best solution for the mobile app owners to track the performance of their mobile app. It offers the analytic solution for the web as well as a mobile app.

You can understand the retention statistics of your website because this tool allows linking between mobile users and web users.

MixPanel application monitor tools also offer features like, funnel analysis, data analysis, cohort, and in-depth analysis to track retention.

Platform Compatibility: iOS and Android

Price: The pricing strategy of Mixpanel is based on data points. Basically, its pricing plans consist of an engagement plan and people plan.


Flurry is the top mobile Application Performance Monitoring Tool used widely because it also has an ad network and the user can get insights on their ad performance & detailed user acquisition reports.

It gives information about the frequency, active users, sessions, session length,= and many more. Flurry is compatible with different mobile app platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry and mobile web.

Platform Compatibility: Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, Java ME

Price: Free

Mobile App Development


Apsalar provides the best results for mobile app marketers and app developers and it focuses on in-depth ROI metrics. This tool mainly focuses on advertising attribution and helps to handle your app advertising with one tool.

With the help of App star, you can get the information about the marketing campaigns and can easily differentiate which one is doing good and which is just the wastage of time.

Platform Compatibility: Android & iO

Price: Free


This tool is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry apps. Countly is an open-source mobile app as well game app analytic tool that can be hosted on the server for monitor application performance.

It has an easy to use dashboard which gives information about the time spent, new users, etc. Along with native SDK Countly also supports Unity3D SDKs. This tool provides multi-platform support with a fast and responsive dashboard.

Platform Compatibility: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry

Price: Free


If you want to make your user base stronger the Localytics is one of the best solutions. Localytics supports 6k+ users and more than 2.8 billion devices with its great features like the session and user views, app usage information, funnel, segments, ScreenFlow and A/B testing.

Platform Compatibility: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry

Price: This tool is free for up to 10K monthly active users and then pricing starts from $200 per month.


This APM solution is the mobile Application performance monitoring tool and you can get the information about funnel analysis, user segmentation, in-app marketing, and unlimited data storage from an Upright tool.

This APM tool is utilizing 500+ billion data points per month and it helps the app developer and marketers to better understand user’s behavior, retention, re-engagement & monetization campaigns.

Platform compatibility: iOS and Android

Price: Both free and paid versions of this tool are available. Either you can select the custom-designed package or the other package as per your requirements to track Your App’s Performances for your business.

Apple app analytic 

In 2015, Apple has launched its own application monitoring tool to measure the performance and user engagement of iOS applications. With the help of the Apple app analytics tool, you can track the real time information like app store views, usage, and sales data, sources from where the users are coming to your app, retention rates, etc. Recently, Apple has extended its analytic features to support tvOS. You can also use this tool to identify which websites refer to the maximum users to your app and can easily see insights into your iOS mobile application. So far, this app is providing efficient application monitoring services to its users.

Platform Compatibility: iOS

Price: Free


We hope the provided information related to mobile application analytics tools would be helpful for you to measure the important mobile app metrics and receive all the data that you require to enhance the performance of your app and reach more audiences.

Over the last decade, MindTech has launched many apps and SaaS platforms for entrepreneurs and startups who’ve gone ahead and made hundreds and millions of dollars using application performance monitoring tools. If you have an app idea and not sure where to start, we can help you with that.

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