Future-Oriented Innovations


In response to seismic shifts in your industry or working to plan for the long term, changing the future orientation of your company can yield significant advantages. Research has proven that companies with a strong future-oriented culture are more efficient and more innovative. To become more future-oriented you can motivate your employees and managers to develop new strategies and processes that assist the company in planning for the future.

To develop future-oriented innovations the use of a dialogue approach is necessary to evaluate potential obstacles and business opportunities. This can be achieved by using a futures literacy framework which incorporates futures knowledge and awareness of the future, as well as the ability to predict the future. Futures literacy is the ability of a person or an organization to discern futures, develop them, and communicate them. It is based upon the notion that the process of creating and articulating futures is multidisciplinary. It involves many domains, spheres, and stakeholders. Futures awareness is the capacity to be aware of the existence of future possibilities and is based on an individual’s awareness of their personal perception of the world around them.

Future-oriented innovation can be achieved through creating products and services that will improve the lives of people. These improvements are a result of collaboration between several high tech procedure stakeholders and require a deep examination of the current problems and alternative solutions. This kind of innovation requires a profound epistemic awareness and the ability to listen to suggestions from the long term future.

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