Get Hotel Deal


Get Hotel Deal is a website which lets you search for your preferred flights and hotels, compare the prices, and book on the cheapest prices.


About Project

Get Hotel deal is an online travel website that helps end-users to search for cheap flights and hotels. The website allows its users to book last-minute hotel deals, flights, and holidays to destinations all around the world at the lowest rates.

The client wanted to create a smooth, responsive and informative portal for travellers all across the globe to grab the best deals on hotels and flights and help them in planning their trip. The ultimate goal was to give users a coherent experience with simple and easy to understand the website at every stage.

General Features

Hotel Listing Page

As per client’s requirement, we created a user-friendly Travel website which could bring search results very quickly, with smooth user interface and responsive design. We design and developed the booking system runs well on any kind of device.

Details Page

The client wanted to bring together a travel website with an informative blog with a purpose to provide all sort of travel-related information to its users free of cost which can help them plan their trips. The website offers travel information through varied forms of content on various destinations around the world.

Web Technology Stack

Web Development

SQL Server 2012

ASP.NET, .NET Core, jQuery, Ajax, HTML5, Bootstrap 4, CSS3