How to Choose the Right Software Development Partner

Software Development Partner

Outsourcing is quite a complex process. A mere google search for the ‘web development companies’ or ‘software development companies’ will give you an idea of how big the tech outsourcing industry actually is – finding the right partner can be a daunting task. Hence, you will need to give your head and heart in your search for the right outsourcing company. The selection must be strategically fit with your present and the future road to success that will benefit your customers as well.

The following points will help you find the right outsourced tech team for your business:

Understanding Your Needs

The basic & first step is to understand your requirements, identify your business needs, the problems you are facing and trying to solve and the kind of software that will help you to meet your objectives. You can opt for an offshore or onshore company depending on your requirements.

Finding the right Partner

Before you start your search for choosing the right software development partner, make sure to find the right, not the best service provider. Choose the service provider that fits your company profile, instead of just the lowest rates.

Ask for RFP (Request for Proposal)

By doing this, you will be able to clearly communicate the expectations and services you require, as well as attract potential service providers. Require categorized and standardized responses so that you can easily compare and analyze service providers.

Technical Expertise

Examine the service provider’s ability to deliver and meet required service levels. This includes expertise, infrastructure, and management. You should also compare service providers that offer the same services. Check for their resources and what best they can offer you. Team of experienced developers equipped with the required resources for integration and testing is a great combination.

Check their Portfolio

It’s all a matter of experience and work ethic; you can look up your prospective partner’s portfolios, and match it with the kind of website or app you’re building. After all, A company’s trust can only be sustained in the market via previous work done and how good they have done it to achieve the client’s expectations. If they have experience in an app similar to yours, then that’s one more reason to hire that team. With work ethic, you’re looking for a team that’s receptive to input, responsive and respectful of your time and are effective communicators, which are traits that minimize the risks of outsourcing.

Client References

This is the most important filter which acts as the strongest key factor for making their customers believe that the team is capable of performing the given task. Note that not all of the companies let the outsourcing providers publish their references! So if you don’t see many references on the website, don’t hesitate to ask for them.

Multiple services under one roof

Choose a company where multiple services are available under the same roof so you don’t have to worry about anything. Maintenance is another critical part, as you may need to review your application and fix any issues that may arise after the development phase of your app.


Communication is the key to any successful outsourced project. Converse with your expected team members to make sure that both parties are able to fully comprehend whatever is being said. This is becoming a lot more important when you’re outsourcing your project internationally. Make sure there’s no language barrier before you start.

Project Management

Project management is another area you need to look into. Understand which tools the team is using, which development methodology they follow (Agile, Waterflow, etc) and if you’re comfortable with them.


A very important consideration is the timeline of your project. A software project may take months or years to get completed. A good custom software development company will work with you the way you want, ensure you on-time delivery and even help you make a wise trade-off between the features and time frame of the project, in case of tight deadlines.

Technical Support

Last but very important! Make sure you have the information about the technical support services of the company. Your software might face issues after the delivery, bringing your work to a standstill. To discuss the after-development support services provided by the company.

Parting Thought

It doesn’t matter what size of the company you are, outsourcing can help develop your product in a cost- and time-effective way. At MindTech, we help in crafting web and mobile applications for national and international clients and support our clients in each and every step of the development process. If you are looking for a reliable software development partner then your search ends here. Get in touch with us for further discussion.

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