Best Web Development Frameworks

Web Development Frameworks

Ever since businesses are planning to go online, the importance of the best web Framework has been exponentially rising. Web frameworks help create the interactive and handiness of the websites. These frameworks prove to be highly beneficial for developers to create feature-rich web applications. Many frameworks have been introduced in the market till date consisting of different architectures so it is important to understand distinguish a difference between these frameworks to find the best framework solution for your Web development.

What is a Web Development Framework?

Let’s start from scratch; a web framework is a software tool that is designed to facilitate the development of dynamic websites, web services, and web applications. With the help of a web development framework, developers don’t require to write a bunch of codes and spend time searching for potential bugs and errors.

Best web development frameworks

Below is the list of best web development frameworks that are most preferred and used by the developers to create web applications.


Laravel is also an Open source PHP based web Framework which is indeed the best option for web development most of the time. It has a modular parking system that has a dedicated dependency manager. also, it provides multiple ways for using relational databases and utilities that otherwise result in better maintenance and orientation of the website and applications. Check some Laravel framework features.


  • Simple and clean ArchitectureVery easy to learn without much hassles. Splendid documentation and reverse routing feature helpful in creating multilingual apps.


  • Less Inbuilt SupportNot very speedy community support is very wide as compared to other frameworks.


Spring is dependent on several parallel projects for its performance. You can easily add growth to your online website by choosing spring that uses Java to write and compile the programming language. Spring is appealing to most of the web developers. it is identified as the best web development framework of all time.


  • High performing framework easily testable and reusable code consistent transaction management


  • Hard platform to learn promotes dependency injectionLong learning curve

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Zend framework 

Fundamentally an object-oriented web Framework, Zend framework is used to develop enterprise-level applications. It is more functional, extendable, quick and reliable. It also has certain customization features and methods that Abide by the best PHP practices. Indeed it is a blessing for the web developers. multiple components in the best web framework include authentication, forms, and services. it also has certain time-saving features. The only issue with this framework is its complexity. This is not the easiest web framework to understand. Despite the availability of different coding tools, the applications create a lot of hassles in climbing the Hilltop.


  • Popular and robust framework highly customizable Large community support awesome architecture Strict adherence to guidelines.


  • Contains large volume of libraries documentation is lose it slowly as compared to other frameworks


The most popular web frameworks include Codelgniter as a simple and lightweight option. Absolutely convenient to configure, Codelgniter has a remarkably tiny footprint of 2MB. The powerful web framework generates dynamic websites that are robust and functional in their own way. It has a shared and dedicated hosting platform for lightweight applications. The simplified encryption steps ensure negligible struggle while you adopt PHP. The well-documented framework comes with several tutorials so that the developers can immediately get started with their core tasks. Codelgniter is not the last choice for websites that need high-security services. However, it’s a well-versed option if you want simple and multifunctional applications.


  • Easy setup optionsSupports both Web Page and Database CachingComes with Built-in Security FeaturesEasy to Extend and Customize


Does not emphasize on code maintainabilityLacks Exhaustive Libraries


Originally composed in C + + and C programming language, phalcon is one of the most popular web frameworks when it comes to choosing high performance. It uses natural resources and provides low-overhead expenditures. Updated continuously ever since its launch, it has multiple features and complete support for PHP 7.


  • Low-level architecture and optimizationTraditional MVC code.


  • It comes with Compiled Extension. Complex installation


Shopify, GitHub, Hulu, and air BnB are the Prime users of rail. The beginner-friendly web framework has been added with extended functionalities. It ensures fast web development with the free tutorials and support provided. it doesn’t take any time to become a web development expert as long as you use the rail community. Though, certain disadvantages include comprehension of curves and other contents for enjoying the magical framework.


  • Development takes less time. Flexible and cost-effective Very easy to learn comes with rich libraryActive community


  • Declining popularity hard to debug performance time


While you hunt for the best web development Framework, Symfony has plenty to provide. The extensive PHP framework follows the complete standards of web development. It includes components like Drupal, PHP bulletin board and oroCRM. The reusable libraries ensure complete authentication, object configuration and templates. It also has a supportive community that actively offers answers for queries and suggestions.


  • It provides flexibility in setting up projects. Fast and convenient development Offers great customization features provide convenience and comfort for the developersUserfriendly and stable


  • Documentation lacks many references. Symfony’s security mechanism is hard to use. File parsing is tough in this framework.


If you are still looking for the answer which Framework is the best for web development, you can probably choose Express because of its skyrocketing popularity. Used by Uber, Accenture, and IBM, Express provides reliable compatibility with loopback, crack-in and sails framework. It has a fast and unhindered speed for executing the core functionalities of web development. The biggest drawback associated with the Framework includes no defined pattern of executing the work. Therefore, the application just doesn’t suit beginners and amateur web developers.


  • Easy to learn well documented and highly flexible


  • Not big on security error messages are generally not helpful not a very opinionated framework


The application using Python for web development and has its Association with big names like Instagram, Google, and YouTube. The battery included the feature in Django allows convenient messaging. It follows convention and drives pattern over the configuration pattern. The security level included in the web Framework is exemplary. People who wish to develop secure websites can choose Django as one of the best frameworks for web development.


  • Fast, high performing and fully loaded framework provide Scalable, secure and accomplished platform great Community SupportIt is Devops Compatible Time effective and suitable for any type of project


  • Unable to handle multiple requests simultaneously Heavily relies on ORM SystemAffects the performance of small web apps


Fundamentally, it is a front end library that is used because of its context. The virtual Dom of reacting adds convenience in the Dom manipulation. The jsx syntax used is given the prime reason behind the success of the language. Particularly used for developing social media websites, react has a role play in the maintenance of Facebook and Instagram.


  • SEO friendly easy to create UI test cases components can be easily reused fast when it comes to displaying a big amount of components debugging is easy with specialised chrome extension


  • View oriented required manual processing of Data changes


Amongst the best script Framework, the ember community is quite famous. It has been expanding ever since 2015 because of its appreciable features and regular updates. Heroku, Microsoft and Netflix often use ember Framework. Also, Google is known to use this framework. it eliminates any kind of time-wasting activities and adopts the best practices and functionality.


  • High performance faster development due to Ember CLIUnderstandable documentation to-way data bindingWell-organized and has own debugging tool – Ember Inspector


  • Complications with processing quick changes; The heaviest of the frameworks; Small community releases new versions very slowly with few new options


The new launch quickly grew and became one of the most trending JavaScript frameworks. It helps in creating complete front end applications having a multitude of functionalities. Big companies all over the world have eventually started investing in Vue for a better tomorrow.


  • It is quick and easy styling uses single file components easy development is quite approachable and versatile


  • More flexible than needed
  • Not popular as compared to other frameworks

Final words

Both frontend and backend frameworks have their categories of features to assist websites. In general, the websites have to be functional enough to manage the pressure and competition. Until and unless the web application provides quick service, it is not going to fetch sufficient returns to the business owners. Frameworks rescue businesses from any shortcomings taking place in their online activities. Management of libraries for database access and session management are among the few services received. It’s impossible to reserve profits and sanity in the absence of the best framework for web development. Contact us to design and develop a web application for your business.

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