Java Vs. Kotlin: Which one is better for Android App Development?

Java Vs. Kotlin

Java is an indisputable programming language, but after all, with all this advancement android needs a modern language for development. With the introduction of Kotlin, this gap is filled. But the question is between these two languages, i.e., Kotlin vs. java which is better for android?

Kotlin is a robust, less verbose and statically typed language compared to Java. In short, it is an excellent language. But the question is, does this thing make Kotlin the first choice for android developers or which are the factor that makes the Java unbeatable? What makes it a first choice for android developers for years? Or what makes the Kotlin popular? So the answer is here. Here we have collected all information associated with both programmes and show you the verdict between Kotlin vs. Java.

Kotlin Vs. Java Which Is Better For Develop Android App?

There is no doubt that Java has its place to compete, but with time we all need some advancement, and hence we always look for a better option in case if we can find it. So the question is which language one should pick; Kotlin or Java? Then the answer is here, but again the views are depended and changes person to person. Keep in mind that each language has its pros and cons, and at last, you have to decide that with all of these, which one you can handle well.

If I have to say in simple words then if you have a working knowledge of Java, then you can start with Kotlin to develop android apps. But if you are completely novice in the Android App Development pick the Java as it is the bedrock of Android development.


Sun Microsystems developed the Java which is an object-oriented programming language. And at present, it is owned by Oracle. It was introduced in 1991 and being such an old language; it has much more to offer for you. Even Java can offer you more job opportunity as all the time one do not want to develop android apps. As I said, it can let you open your wings and let you fly to another field. But we are here for android app development so let’s talk on it only.


Kotlin introduced in 2016, and at that time all the developers need a modern language for Android development that can add to the qualities of Java and aid in mobile development.  JetBrains created Kotlin which is an open-source language based on JVM. Due to its statically java based language, it can be compiled and interpreted with Java. It helps the developers to update the old Java apps easily, and one can easily carry their work from Java to Kotlin.

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Java Vs. Kotlin

Pros of Java & Kotlin:

  • Easy to understand and learn
  • It works well with both native and cross-platform apps
  • Android is built on Java, so one will find many Java libraries to help.
  • It has an extensive open-source system.
  • Java apps are compact and lighter and give a faster app experience.
  • Java leads to a faster build process and lets the developer build code in less time.
  • Due to accelerated assembly with Gradle, handling large projects in Java is easier.
  • Kotlin is undoubtedly faster to write and hence developers love it. In java which codes takes 50 lines, the same need 1-2 lines in Kotlin. So fewer bugs and errors.
  • Kotlin helps in the building of a clean application program interface.
  • With Java bytecode, one can use Java frameworks and libraries in Kotlin. It makes Java to Kotlin transition seamless.
  • Kotlin has null in its type system, which is missing in Java.
  • Even for providing great help there is Anko Library is also available for Kotlin.

Cons of Java & Kotlin:

  • One has to write more code as Java is a type-heavy language and as a result, it leads to higher chances of errors and bugs.
  • Due to inherent limitations, it undergoes some problems with Android application program interface design
  • Java needs more memory than other languages which makes it slower
  • For Kotlin, there is a steep learning curve and being highly concise syntax; it requires some learning up front
  • Compared to Java, it shows a slower compilation speed, but in a few instances it beats Java also
  • The learning resources are limited as the Kotlin community is still young so finding solutions sometimes hard.
  • In Kotlin, Android Studio like auto-complete and compilation runs slower compared to Java.

Java Or Kotlin

If we talk in point of view of the team, then the teammates are already familiar with Java and switching all of them from Java to Kotlin is a kind of shock. But you can do it slowly as it is a new language that owns modern language. Yes, in future, it will become widely adopted by developers, but on another hand, Java is old and popular language so it takes a long time to replace entirely and even it is hard to replace. So take your time and find with which language you are comfortable and pick the one.

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