Major PHP Laravel framework features and benefits

Laravel Framework Features

PHP is one of the widely used programming languages for web app development. It is powering about 20 million web domains as it is suited for small to large businesses requirement. The large community makes sure that the user does not face any problems and if in case they meet any difficulties then the team is ready to troubleshoot it. Not only this but it also offers online forums, informative blogs, and expert opinions for trouble-free coding.

And today we are here with Laravel PHP framework features in this blog. Laravel framework of PHP offers a standardized and feature packed platform that helps the developers to build the best application. It is a promising framework that needs plenty of practices to use.

With Laravel, one needs to write fewer codes, and hence it leads to less error. Using the best Laravel framework features, a developer can build the app with greater productivity and value.

Among the professional PHP web development, Laravel gained immense popularity in less time due to less code. The clear conventions for problem-solving, high-level abstractions of its common web development pattern, and convenient shortcuts for frequent programming tasks are the features that make it easy to use. So the question is except the above which are the most important features of Laravel? The answer is here. Have a look!

Top 8 Laravel Advanced Features

Template Engine:

Laravel PHP framework highly recognized due to its inbuilt lightweight templates. With it, one can create amazing layouts and dynamic content seeding. The multiple widgets incorporate CSS and JS code with solid structures. The innovative design of templates can create unique sections and simple layout.


An artisan is a built-in tool for command line in Laravel. It performs all the repetitive and tedious programming tasks that most of the developers want to avoid to do manually. It can also create a skeleton code, the database structure, and build their migration to make the database easy to manage. Now only this, it can combine the basic MVC files and the command-line to generate and manage the assets and configurations. With Artisan, the developers can create their commands and do beneficial things with it.

Eloquent ORM:

The Eloquent ORM provides a simple PHP Active Record implementation. Rather than writing SQL codes, it lets the developers’ issue database queries with PHP syntax. In the database, each table possesses a corresponding Model via the developer communicates with said table. Compared to all other PHP frameworks, an ORM is relatively faster.

Libraries & Modular:

Another advantage of Laravel is its object Oriented libraries and other pre-installed libraries. Except for Laravel, the pre-installed libraries are not found in any other PHP frameworks. An Authentication library which is one of the preinstalled libraries that has many latest features like Bcrypt hashing, checking active users, password reset, encryption and CSRF protection. The best part of it is easy-to-implement. It divided into individual modules that utilize modern PHP principles so that it can allow the developers to build modular, responsive, and handy web apps.

MVC Architecture Support:

MVC Architecture Support of Laravel assures clarity of logic and presentation. It helps in improving the performance and allow better documentation with multiple built-in functions.

Migration system for databases:

Without re-creating the structure of databases of the web application, the Laravel migration system helps the PHP developers to expand the structure of the database and to make a change. With this feature, the loss of data risk is very less. It gives a facility to change database structure using PHP code. It also helps to create database tables and inserts columns or indices promptly.


Due to unit-testing, many developers like Laravel as it is capable of running many tests that gives surety that the changes made by developers on the programme do not break the web application. Even in general, the Laravel considered as the stable releases in the industry as they always try to overcome its cons and failures. Even unit-testing makes the code easy to write.


Laravel framework provides powerful web application security. All thanks to the hashed and salted password mechanism that never save the password as plain text in the database. It generates an encrypted password with “Bcrypt Hashing Algorithm.” It also uses prepared SQL statements that can stop the SQL injection attacks.


So it is all about the top features of the Laravel PHP framework. According to you, out of all which seems best for you. Share with us. Thank you!

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