WooCommerce Connector for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

WooCommerce Connector for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Connect your WooCommerce store with your Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system with help of WooCommerce Connector for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Now you can transfer almost all data between the two systems without performing any manual jobs.

WooCommerce is a growing e-Commerce plugin which is free. It allows businesses to sell their products online. WooCommerce, the open source e-Commerce solution provides overall control of the data and transaction both developers and store owners as it flawlessly integrated wi-th the WordPress open source CMS platform.

Little more than flawlessly integrated with WordPress open source CMS platform, WooCommerce powers 30% of all online stores at present with endless flexibility and access to a bunch of free and premium WordPress plug-ins.

WooCommerce Connector Dynamics NAV Integration Touchpoints Products:

  • Inventory & Stock Levels
  • Orders
  • Shipments
  • Customer Accounts

Let’s look at it in detail

  • Sell any product:

On this platform, you can sell all the products without considering the type of product. It can be a real product, digital downloads, accommodation, subscription or anything else. This plugin lets the users set up a store and help them to sell everything online.

  • Shipment options:

It also supports drop shipping and flat rate shipping. You can open your store worldwide and ship the product all around the world or as per the decide area or places.

  • Payment options:

It supports major credit cards, BACS (bank transfers), PayPal, and (COD) cash on delivery, so it supports all major payment options.

  • Customizable:

WooCommerce is an expandable, adaptable, and open source platform. Client’s store can be changed from basic to high-end with its strong framework.

The integration touch points within Microsoft Dynamics NAV:

  • Inventory & Stock Levels
  • Shipments
  • Orders
  • Customer Accounts

Technology used:

WooCommerce handles tiny JSON files sent by MS Dynamics NAV. These files create or update the necessary records in the WooCommerce database.

The Job Queue within Microsoft Dynamics NAV takes care of the communication between both the systems.

Benefits of integration:

  • Reduce Time to Replenish Inventory
  • Process Orders Quickly
  • Automate Financial Entry Improve
  • Avoid ‘Out of Stock’
  • Track Guest Checkouts
  • Customer Satisfaction

Integration Mechanism:

It utilizes the REST API of WooCommerce for real-time integration. JSON Files are sent to WooCommerce from Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision). These files are managed by WooCommerce and are updating and creating all the required records in the WooCommerce database. The Job Queue within Microsoft Dynamics NAV takes care of the communication between the systems.

Advantages of WooCommerce Dynamics NAV Connector:

  • WooCommerce Dynamics NAV Connector cuts order time by more than 50%.
  • All new sale orders, billing details, and associated customer are automatically synced to Dynamics NAV from WooCommerce store.
  • Any product updates or created in Dynamics NAV is automatically displayed in the WooCommerce store along with all relevant details.
  • It facilitates inventory management & real-time order from Dynamics NAV to WooCommerce store.
  • It allows integration of payments and orders with WooCommerce to your ERP and vice versa with the supports of bi-direction integration.
  • Elimination of human errors and repetitive data entry
  • A significant decrease in dispatch times
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Reduces the requirement to recruit temporary seasonal employees
  • Increased visibility of data and improve decision-making ability
  • Customizable support and hassle-free assistance

WooCommerce Integration With Navision Includes:

  • Online payment automatic transfer with details and transaction IDs to Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Automatic downloading of WooCommerce orders
  • Automated transfer of stock levels, order status, and images to WooCommerce from Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Automatic reporting and monitoring of important stock level data
  • Automatic or rules-based placement of an order with a chosen courier service
  • Sync all the customer data between Microsoft Dynamics NAV and WooCommerce
  • Offline orders to product fulfillment partner or the automatic distribution of WooCommerce

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