AngularJS vs ReactJS Which One is Better

AngularJS vs ReactJS

AngularJS vs ReactJS

There are times when you feel tired of comparing various Javascript frameworks. The long-term scalability and success of your project largely depend on your choice of the framework. Facebook owns ReactJS which has come up in recent times, although the AngularJS launched by Google is there for much longer. Although the frameworks can be distinguished, they’re known for their user-friendliness. Both frameworks have been designed to develop cutting-edge web applications and come with their benefits. This article is meant to provide a deep insight into AngularJS vs ReactJS and the suitability of either framework for your project.

More and more professionals are working on Javascript frameworks with each passing year. These frameworks are developing every year, and as an outcome you see ReactJS and AngularJS coming up with their updated versions. Except under a few circumstances, you’ll witness how ReactJS and AngularJS are chosen at par by studying their demand for one year as shown in the Google Trends. Excepting a few specific variances, both of these frameworks are preferred almost equally. You’re bound to come across a few graphical representations of the same over the internet.

ReactJS and AngularJS demands

AngularJS and ReactJS of the frameworks have been equally popular with Angular surging ahead initially and ReactJs catching up after some time. Similar dynamics apply to both of these frameworks. Angular depicts a slight fall in demand, while React depicts a positive tendency when you try to catch up with the market demand of these frontend frameworks. Several industry surveys are helping out developers in picking the best framework for their development requirements.


Angular is an MVVM framework that’s effective in developing online applications that are highly interactive. Angular is in use since 2009, and it runs Javascript.

Advantages of Angular:

  • Apart from the new HttpClient launch, the enhanced RXJS, quick compilation and a host of other features would come with Angular.
  • It ensures effective collaboration and communication among developers through detailed documentation. It pursues a learning curve.
  • It eradicates the possibilities of committing errors by following a dual-method of binding data that ensures a specific behaviour for the application.
  • MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) enables coders to work independently on a particular app section with the help of the same data set.

Disadvantages of Angular:

  • A complex syntax that you can relate to the initial Angular version. In comparison, it’s much easier to learn TypeScript 2.4 of the Angular 5.
  • Migration issues that surface while migrating from the older versions to the newer ones.
  • Google, Nike, Telegram, PayPal, Weather, YouTube, iStockphoto, Udemy, AWS, Freelancer, Crunchbase, and Upwork are amongst organisations that utilise Angular 5.


Facebook launched ReactJS in the year 2013. It’s a JavaScript open-source library that helps in developing dynamic online applications that enables data changes regularly.

Advantages of ReactJS:

  • Learning the ReactJS is much easier due to the simplicity of its syntax. Writing in ReactJS becomes much simpler for a developer that has HTML coding skills right on his fingertips. Compared to AngularJS, ReactJS won’t require you to gain a more in-depth insight into TypeScript.
  • It’s quite flexible and responsive.
  • You may choose any of the XML, XHTML, and HTML formats for arranging data with the help of Virtual DOM. It’s very quickly acknowledged by the web browsers while parsing various elements of online application.
  • ReactJS enables developers to work comfortably with heavy loads by combining with ES6/7.
  • Downward data binding ensures a smooth flow of data that keeps child elements from influencing the parent data.
  • A JavaScript library that’s 100% open-source apart from a busy contributor community that yields steadfast solutions and updates.
  • Simultaneous representation of data performance on the server side as well as the user side can be produced due to the lightweight.
  • Automating a significant portion of the process gets more comfortable with “code mods” provided by Facebook, which in turn ensures a smooth migration between the two versions.

Disadvantages of ReactJS:

  • No scope for official documentation – ReactJs ensures a fast development thus leaving no scope for documenting the process. The fact that some of the individual developers keep on contributing turns it a bit chaotic in the absence of a systematic process.
  • React isn’t based on opinions. Developers are often spoilt with options.
  • Mastering ReactJS requires a developer to spend more time on it than the other frameworks.
  • Integrating user interface into the MVC framework demands a deep insight into ReactJS.
  • Code Academy, WhatsApp, Dropbox, Khan Academy, Airbnb, Yahoo, Asana, New York Times, Atlassian, Netflix, Intercom, Instagram, Microsoft, and Facebook are some of the companies that make the most of ReactJS.

CONCLUSION: Which Is Better ReactJS or AngularJS?

While choosing frameworks, an engineer doesn’t have too many options to explore. He needs to get used to a few of the frameworks before he compares them. Very few of the companies have gained expertise in AngularJS as well as ReactJS. Your preferences and objectives help you in identifying the right framework for your business. However, it’s in your interest to do some research on AngularJS vs ReactJS. You must know the pros and cons attached to a framework before you narrow down your choices.

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