How Much Does Android App Development Cost in India?

Cost of Android App Development

Today’s enterprise companies built a mobile app to attract and engage the customer, and nowadays it becomes the ideal strategy perform by startup owners and Enterprise Company.

The reason behind it is a mobile app drive and promotes the business and boost the return of investment. So it is an excellent step to invest in mobile application development. However, the question of the cost of android app development always provokes dilemma.

Whether you want to build an iOS or Android app, the whole process comes up with a specific budget and cost. Many factors decide the total cost of developing an app, so you have first to determine what you need and in how much cost. So to give you a rough idea we are here with the topic android app development cost estimate India.

Factors Affected The Cost Of Android App Development:

Many factors influence the cost of Android mobile app development as the idea of your app and integration. Some of them are:

  • App requirements and concept
  • The complexity of UI design
  • Marketing and promotion
  • QA & Testing
  • Server maintenance, troubleshooting, and support
  • GPS and localization
  • Integration of payment services
  • Delivering the app on the play store
  • Develop clarity before developing your app

Building an app according to your preference is complicated task than you think as both of the sides, there are many expectations and arguments. As an entrepreneur, if you have lack of confidence related to budget, then it will be hard to deal with the android app developer. So first make up your mind with some points given here:

  • The overall developing cost of a mobile app depends on the mobile app development company you pick
  • If you pick an IT firm instead of an independent freelancer, then the cost will higher, and maybe it leaves you shocked
  • Confirm overall cost including all hidden cost before closing a deal for app development
  • Decide which type of app you need, the basic one or mature one
  • Make sure you pay for the project on completion on time and with the cost
  • Be clear for the experience you want for the development

Mobile App Development

Remember that:

Once you decide you want to pick the Android app development company with high level of experience or need a partner with the mid-size firm or freelance.

Those who turn into the giant name from the startup ventures in the app business can cost you more and if you do not want to consider the budget, then pick the one who can take care of your all details from small to a large one.

The Approximate Cost To Build An Android Mobile App As Per Various Scales

To simplify the approach towards creating a mobile business app, here we have prepared a list of the various types and scales for app building.

Basic app building with simple functions:

These type of apps contains basic functionality, guiding direction and contents without back-end architecture or heavy integration of third-party APIs. It has basic UI components, filters, and simple feeds. It costs you around $4000 to $8000. If you want to add GPS locator, payment integration or social media, then it can charge you an additional amount.

Native Database Application:

It is almost similar to the above one. But in native app development, the process includes the cost of creating and executing the logic of business and relevant design. The cost of android app development for native app levies you $8000 – $30000 as per app logic.

Intermediate complex apps:

Intermediate complex apps include an attractive user interface, real-time chat, payment options, communication with local handset data, an operating backend server and integration of foreign APIs. It charges $ 12000- $30,000.

Highly complex and custom apps:

This type of apps is enriched with advanced functions and features like cross-platform functioning, animations, synchronization, third-party services, audio/video support, rapid interactive system, database and back end and much more. The approximate charges for these apps range between $20,000 – $40,000.

Gaming Apps:

Gaming apps need 3D graphics, intuitive UI and intricate levels packed with immersive features like thrill and speed, so these type of apps are more challenging and detailed. Due to the graphics and UX, the development cost starts from $20,000 to $50000 depending on the game.

Design and Wireframe:

If client-side design wireframe is further improved in the process of considering mobile app scope, then the app design may cost you high.

A team of experts focuses on all important factor like UX, localization, customizations, user engagement, and device interactions. It can cost you higher so be prepared to pay $5000 to $18000 for mobile app design and its architecture.

Mobile App Development Platform

To give a more glory, you have to decide the app development platform. You can choose the one platform depends on the following criteria:

  • Business ecosystem
  • Project requirements
  • Target customers
  • Trending devices

As iOS and Android are two major markets, and we are here discussing the average cost of android app development we do not need to discuss further in this topic.

Android App Development Cost In India: How Much Does It Cost?

To decide on a particular price for android app development cost in India is quite difficult. The web service or back end development costs you $25,000 to $400,000. Multiple aspects go into deciding the final cost of developing a business-quality app. So, in the end, it depends on the type of the app, features, and functions you want to include.

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