Mobile Application Development Trends

Mobile Application development trends

The last few years have seen a lot of development in the field of tech progress. Mobile phones have become the classic item on which our whole day depends. Smartphone technology is growing faster and beyond one’s imagination. Who thought booking tickets, ordering food, checking hotels, watching movies, listening to music, etc. will be just a tap away! It has not become a basic necessity of our lives and due to this, the development of mobile apps has seen a sharp rise. People in the business of mobile development apps are earning huge revenues and making a profit. It is the need of the hour to develop apps that think smarter than a human can. Thus, due to the rise of the smartphone business, there has been a huge rise in mobile app development trends. The searches for “cost to develop an app” has increased multifold in the recent times.

The year 2020 saw progress from AI to IoT and more opportunities in the mobile development sector. Following are some mobile application development trends that will rule the year 2021:

Mobile App Development Trends

On-Demand Service

The on-demand service apps is the new trend in mobile development, where the business owners are making it extremely convenient for the user to get their services as soon as possible. This way, they charm their customers with their ability to respond swiftly to their needs. This trend is blooming now, especially in the grocery and food delivery industry. Even the entertainment apps are offering the on-demand service so that the user can immediately see the TV show or web series he wants. This trend has made the app’s dynamic and fulfilling for the users. Other domains like – healthcare, travel, and fitness are also seen integrating this technology.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

In eCommerce apps, artificial intelligence and machine learning go side by side, because they help the apps to make personalized recommendations as per the data evaluated on the machine. In mobile development, these two terms are very common and go hand in hand. The apps use these to utilize the analytical ability, especially in terms of the behavior of the user. The technology is evolving incessantly and understanding the user’s psyche so that the user gets a better delivery of service.

Mobile App Development


Technology in the form of wearables is gaining a lot of popularity now, and this is evident from the increase in the sales of wearable gadgets. It has already made a huge mark in major fields like fitness and healthcare and makes all the essential information available to the user within arm’s reach.

Retail Technology

The Retail industry is doing superbly well due to the smartphone apps and has become a rising mobile app development trend 2020. Due to the on-demand service, there has been a lot of growth in this sector, like guaranteed same-day delivery of grocery saves a lot of time and is convenient. A lot of creativity and innovation is going to the retail sector.

Medical Technology

It is a great realization that medical technology has also been listed in the top trends of mobile app development in 2020. This field has gained a lot of importance and attention from technology. With machine learning applications one can get more personalized treatments. One can get virtual nursing facilities via chatbots, which make communication easy and accessible. Doctors and patients, both benefit from these medical apps.

IoT Trends in Mobile Development

IoT stands for the Internet of Things and has come out to be a big and evolving industry. Mobile app development technology uses it to create perceptive platforms. In the growing trend, almost all the tech giants have started creating and developing IoT friendly apps. These developers choose a practical platform for developing the app. To get around this, they can follow the below points:

  • Xively – It is a platform that provides IoT like features for app development projects.
  • Android Ubidots – They can use the Android platform to make an account that they can connect to Ubidots. This will help them push their app on the smartphone.
  • Thingworx – All advanced level of tools are provided to help you market the mobile app. It is a popular platform with the following benefits:
  • It aids in building and recognizing new revenue channels
  • It helps in easy separation of services and products
  • It supports optimization in the activities of your business

Forester Wave Report is another ideal platform for mobile app development. It helps in constructing viable IoT strategies for the app development project. By 2020, the expense in IoT is expected to touch $120 million.

Building Apps for Foldables

For the year 2020, ‘foldable phone’ will be the next hot thing, and the mobile app development strategy needs to be well-planned so that it runs swiftly on foldable devices. When the user will unfold the screen, he will get a large screen and a positive impact:

  • The big screen will give an impressive and organized experience
  • Multi-windows will enable multi-tasking for the user

The foldable devices will give amazing video streaming and gaming experience due to the large screen size. Now, with Samsung coming with its foldable OLED display has ushered the Operating Systems to improve the smartphone experience.


The App Store or the Play Store support millions of Android and iPhone apps and the challenge to stand out in this competitive space. Thus, it is essential to keep the app updated with the latest development trends and technologies. All the above-discussed trends must have given you a fair idea of the app development industry will grow. So, work wisely and aim to top the charts in mobile app development.

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