How much does it cost to build an eCommerce website?

eCommerce website development cost

Most of us have speculated about the cost of building an eCommerce website. When we say the word ‘eCommerce’, all these giant brands like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc popes in our minds. As per the research, there were 1.2 billion digital buyers worldwide in the year 2015, since then online shopping has been a growing trend that continues to grow till date. As everything is getting digitalized, nowadays the situation is as such that many businesses are moving online these days to expand their customer reach.

Whenever there is a need to take any business online arises, many people want to go for an e-commerce website. It is considered a new way of doing business. Whether it is about selling your products or third party products through a marketplace model, an online store helps you to grow your business.

How much does an eCommerce website cost

Ecommerce website cost depends on exact project requirements. The average cost of the eCommerce website ranges between $1000 to $10000 total cost depending upon the complexity of the project. While the price of building a fully integrated marketplace website might be a concern for many businesses. Many factors contribute to the web development cost of the marketplace website such as eCommerce website development platform, design, development, and personal preferences, etc. Various companies will tell a different story about the cost of an eCommerce website which can make it hard for you to decide. So, it is important to understand all the relevant factors that determine the website development cost. Let’s discuss those factors:-

Factors determining the cost of eCommerce website development

Choosing an eCommerce website design

Your website’s theme is your brand’s presence. It should be unique, eye-catching and flawless. Also, there is a big difference in the cost of custom eCommerce web design and a template. There are many platforms offer design galleries, themes, and templates which you can choose for your website which are a quick and cheap option. But it is not necessary that it may fit perfectly for your business or set your business apart from the others. A template design may cost you lesser as compared to the customized design. eCommerce web design cost depends on the design and a template.

Choosing a standard Platform

It depends upon how simple or complexes the eCommerce platform is that you are going to consider. During your research process, you will entertain various platforms by the platform vendors which will represent their platform in the best possible leaving no stone unturned to impress you anyway. Having an understanding of the differences between each platform may help you to decide which one is better for your business and would cost lesser while serving the purpose of business. Also, it will help you to narrow down the initial choices.

Programming and Functionality

Custom functionality requirements and unique features can boost the cost of the build. If your website needs more advanced features or functionalities like a registration system or website development tools you may choose for your site, it will surely add to the cost of the eCommerce site. We suggest you listing down all the functionalities that you would want to have on your marketplace site. This will help your web agency to provide you a more accurate cost of the project and its scope.

In addition to it, you would like to integrate your site into any other 3rd party system like CRM or ERP this will cost you additional to it. but it cost may vary depending upon the system that you want to connect.

Payment Gateway Integration

The factor that contributes to the cost of eCommerce website development price is the Payment gateway integration. It is the most critical part as they mediate the transactions between you and your customers while maintaining complete secrecy of their card details and PINs. It is also required that you should Make sure the payment gateway which you choose to support the multiple currencies in which your customers are convenient. A majority of payment gateways come for free while a few demand a charge in the form of commissions only in cases like currency conversions etc.

Finding a web agency

Choosing a reputable and experienced web agency often costs more but also provide value and extensive support for your project. In case you are planning to hire eCommerce developers or outsource your eCommerce project overseas, it will cost you less expensive, but that too comes with its kind of costs. It is recommended to hire a web development company who employees experienced staff and have experience working on similar kind of projects.

Marketing and SEO

Even the most successful businesses need the support of marketing. Without marketing, your potential customers will never know about you which is why strategic marketing is required for every business. A marketing plan might increase the build cost of the eCommerce website but is critical in order to drive traffic on your site.

Further Customization

Every business is unique and so are their demands. To meet your specific business demands, you might need a development company to perform a series of customizations and this part will add to the capital spending on erecting your unique multi-vendor e-commerce store.

Now as you know that there is an abundance of factors that influence the cost of an eCommerce website while an average cost of an eCommerce website just provides you a rough idea not more precise then an average cost of a smartphone would.

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