How much does website development cost in India?

website development cost in India

Most of the people who wish to develop a new website for their business purpose or due to any other reason, always have a question about how much does it cost to make a website. If you have the same question in your mind, then you are at right place as here in this blog, we will discuss the same topic that is website development cost in India.

For this question actually, there is no fixed answer because each person needs a different website for a different purpose. So the cost may vary as per the need of the customer. It may cost $2000 USD INR to $15,000 USD or more. It also depends on your requirement, developer, domain name, hosting, SEO and few more factor. So let’s take a look at the website development cost in depth.

A website is a central location, where all interrelated pages can be easily accessed through the home page with the help of a browser. A company or an individual tell you how to get to their website by giving you the address of their home page, and the other pages are linked or accessed from this page.

To know the answer, you have first to know the factors that decide the cost of the website.

The basic costs that affect the cost of the website are as follows:

– Domain registration

– Hosting price

– Web developer’s cost

– Search engine optimization (SEO)

– Content

So let’s discuss each factor one by one.

Domain registration

A domain is the name of your website. For example The price of the domain may vary as per the name. Some name cost the basic charges and some charge you a hefty amount of money from your pocket. One has to pay got it on an annual basis. The common names can range from approx. 300-1000 INR plus other taxes extra.

Hosting cost

Hosting is a place where you put your website to make it live for the internet audience. Like a domain name, hosting also has various types, and the cost varies with the types. The main types are private, dedicated, and shared. Yes, the hosting price tags are not fixed as each hosting provider charges different as per the service they provide. It can be started from hundreds to lakhs.

Website developer’s cost

Now, it is the important part. To make a website we have to code it as it is the thing where your whole website stands. So it requires more attention than other factors. You have to tell your ideas and thoughts for your website to the developers, and they convert your vision into reality. Again the charges depend on the layout of the website and as per the developer. 

Search engine optimization (SEO)

The good product or good service is not worth till it can’t get attention. And to get the attention of customer you need the right person to do it so. It can be done with the search engine optimization geek who will help you to rank your site on the initial of the search result.

The SEO guy will lead your website to the initial search result to improve organic traffic and reach your product to more online users.


For any website, the content is king! Writing for a website or on a website is not similar to writing a letter to your friend. To write proper content on the website, you have to take care of some rules. Wright in such a way that it attracts the targeted audience. The content has a significant effect on the reach of the website. To make content attractive, here are some of the things you have to look for.

Content list

The content list depends on the research you have done by yourself as per the functions and available pages on the website.

Usability and navigation

Usability and navigation mean to set the pages and architecture of the website. As per the test series for this process, the cost of the website increases.

Content management system

Content management system helps you to make changes on your website within a few clicks. It is useful especially when you need regular customization, or the content keeps changing.

Mobile website

It is needed when you think that your audience will open the website on their mobile to make the website mobile compatible.

Social design

We all know that the youth of today’s generation is spending their major time on the social media platform, so it is inevitable to show your presence on twitter, facebook, Instagram or other platforms as per the target audience.


So all these are the factors that decide the website development cost. Compared to the USA, India provide a cheaper rate for the website development cost in India with great service. After reading the blog, you know how much does it cost to make a website.

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