Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Asp.Net MVC for Your Next Project

advantages of mvc

A vast majority of the software developers have often experienced complexities pertaining to their preferred development frameworks. MVC (Model-View-Controller) is a framework that yields substantial flexibility in identifying and addressing these challenges. The ASP.NET MVC platform has always been preferred by developers as it’s simple to use and yet very effective in delivering the appropriate solutions.

MVC gets segregated into 3 distinct areas – UI logic, business logic, and input logic. This is quite beneficial as compared to web-forms that present a complex combination of UI and business logic within a single page. The absence of View State in MVC even helps in simplifying a lot of things. The central role played by the controller helps in running the input logic in each page of an application. This, in turn, makes this framework much lighter in weight. A developer is truly benefitted by a clear definition of Codes and HTML that are easily identifiable. You may even rope MVC with an approach based on your test-driven development (TDD). Re-engineering software products get all the more simplified with this framework.

Check Out Why ASP.Net MVC Platform is Preferred Over Web Forms:

  • Separation of Concerns (SoC) 

MVC yields a granular form of coding that’s very organized and clean. Web applications find it much easier to measure their functionality when things get simplified from the technical standpoint. Also from the standpoint of development, it helps in promoting great designs.

  • Simplified Integration with Rich Apps on the Client Side 

With the advent of technology, web apps are getting richer at par with your desktop apps. MVC enables you to integrate with all Rich User Interface tools like j-Query in a much simpler and smoother manner as compared to the Web Forms.

  • Friendly towards Search Engines

Search engines find it easier to craw the URLs. Being stateless, MVC enables you to use a single window for spawning several web browsers at once. However, MVC follows the stateless protocol instead of going in the opposite direction.

  • Proves Worthy of Developers that Demand More Control 

You must have experienced problems while managing raw HTML whenever a page gets developed. Such kinds of raw HTML get generated automatically by the controls present in web forms that you come across in the Official Microsoft ASP.Net website. This leads to a lot of headaches. On the contrary, MVC equips you to gain full control over code and you won’t be taken aback. What’s more important is that the usual web forms are much larger than the HTML forms. This yields a much smoother performance till the end.

  • Test Driven Development (TDD) 

MVC facilitates frequent testing of things that fall on the website. The applications gain an extra defensive shield against unforeseen moves when they undergo this additional layer of testing.


Once an application gets segregated into view, model, and controller, it helps in managing the complexities. The ASP.Net MVC platform doesn’t involve view state or forms based on the server making it appropriate for developers to gain further control over the behavioral pattern of an application. Controlling the nature of an application gives them an edge over developers using other platforms. You must also remember that this platform is designed to accommodate the needs of various other web applications that are utilized on a large scale basis.

With all of the benefits mentioned above, MVC has turned out to be the most frequently used .net framework when it comes to product engineering. A new and improved way of managing and controlling of applications equip developers for improvising the current facets and fulfill all of the latest client demands. It’s bound to contribute more towards the prospect of growth of an organization in the long run.

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