Best Programming Languages For Mobile Apps

Programming Languages for Mobile Apps

Popular Programming Languages for Mobile Apps

In recent years, Mobile App development industry has gained huge popularity as more and more people are switching for Apps to expand their business and their customer reaches on a worldwide level. This industry is multiplying at such a fast pace that it is changing the functioning of businesses than ever.

For developing a mobile application, you need the best programming language for apps. It is essential to choose the right programming language and mobile app development frameworks that will work best for you to develop your mobile app. Here is the list of best programming languages for mobile app development


Supported by android studio, Java is an official language of Android app development. It is immensely popular due to its association with the Android operating system. It is also one of the most preferred programming languages that are used for developing a server-side app to video games and mobile apps. It is a high-level programming and independent language, designed to work on the Internet. It is easier to code than C++ and works on the concept of object-oriented programming.

Key Features of Java language

  • It can run efficiently on all platforms
  • It supports APIs
  • Pretty easy to read and learn
  • It is an object-oriented language
  • It has a very powerful IDEs which makes coding error-free and easy.


Kotlin is google’s new official programming language for developing apps and games for android platform. Being a recent newcomer, it was created in 2016, and in just a year later, Google named it as a second official Android language. Many people prefer kotlin for android app development over any other app development languages because it is easy to code and relatively faster.

Main Features of Kotlin

  • Kotlin is interoperable with Java
  • Null safety
  • Extension function
  • Lambdas
  • Data classes


Most of the life apple went with objective C as its main programming language for developing mobile apps. This iOS Programming language was chosen by Apple for developing scalable and sturdy iOS applications. Objective C has many unique functions and features such as capable of dealing with graphics, I/O and display functions. Apple went with Objective C as its main programming language when the whole world was doing software developments using C++ language. Objective C is a superset of C language and offers various functions such as the capability of dealing with graphics, display functions, and I/O, etc.

Main Features of Objective C

  • Simple to use
  • You can use C++ and C while using Objective-C
  • It uses dynamic run-time
  • It supports dynamic typing
  • Works smoothly with Apple Inc.


Created by Apple, Swift was introduced at the 2014 WWDC Apple showcase – the language to code for Apple’s latest APIs Cocoa and Cocoa Touch. Swift is a multi-paradigm, compiled Mobile App development language designed to work with Apple’s iOS and OS X systems. Swift has been designed to eliminate the possibility for many of the security vulnerabilities possible with Objective-C. Swift is meant to be easier to learn and less bug-prone than Objective-C. Swift language for iOS was developed with the idea of creating fast, high-performing apps simply and easily.

Main Features of Swift Language

  • Extremely easy to learn especially if you know Objective-C.
  • It is open source.
  • It is a simplified version of Objective-C.
  • Easy-to-code.
  • Maintenance is super-easy.
  • It is the future of iOS development.
  • It needs less coding as compared to other languages.


C# (pronounced C-sharp) is an object-oriented programming language like Java. It’s an expansion of C that directly addresses many of the unique features of the environment. It’s the default (and recommended) programming language for Windows-based apps. With Windows Phone poised to make a comeback with Windows 10 Mobile, and the Windows App Store still desperately in need of well-made apps, learning C# could give you a leg up in Mobile App development for the Windows marketplace. C# opens a lot of Windows

Main Features of C#

  • It is a simple and modern programming language.
  • It is highly scalable and updateable.
  • It is a structured programming language.
  • It is type-safe and component-oriented.


A scripting language for Web browser apps, JavaScript is another favorite programming language because it’s so ubiquitous on the web – it’s everywhere. JavaScript allows developers to add interactive elements to their website, and adding features to a Web page, but isn’t, by itself, the solution you’re looking for when it comes to Mobile App development. There is no official universal standard for JavaScript, so it may be rendered differently across different platforms.

Main features of JavaScript

  • Easy to learn and works with existing frameworks you already use
  • Highly scalable
  • Short-cuts the development timeline by 40% or more
  • It is very simple and familiar.
  • It supports functional programming.
  • Java is platform-independent.
  • It is secure, multithreaded language.


It is a general-purpose programming language for apps development and has been around for quite long. When you want to develop a mobile app on platforms like Android and Windows, then C++ can be an ideal choice. Currently, C++ has been used to build apps for every purpose on almost every platform that exists. C++ is not a trendy or any ultra-modern language but still, it is good to go language if you want to develop an app. Usually, C++ is suitable for low-level programming but it works incredibly fast that it is now preferred to develop high-performance apps and games as well.

Main features of C++

  • It is simple and efficient
  • Object-oriented
  • Massive library
  • Portable
  • Extremely fast


Dart is a general-purpose programming language developed by Google and has a modern syntax. Dart is a pretty intuitive programming language with right balance which other programming languages lack. It belongs to the same group as Java, C#, Swift, Scala & Kotlin

The languages in this group share some concepts like Static Typing, Garbage Collector & Object-Oriented Programming and they are used in developing business applications. What is special about Dart are things related to the (Implementation of the language) and not the (Language itself). It’s support for Web (dart2js), server, and mobile allows to share code with multiple targets.

Main Features of Dart

  • It is very productive and compiles AOT and JIT
  • It is very easy to learn
  • It offers a natively compiled shared codebase.


TypeScript is an open-source front-end programming language used to web development or JavaScript-based applications. It compiles to simple and plain JavaScript code that can run on any web browser or in any JavaScript engine. It is a typed superset of JavaScript that starts with the same semantics and syntax as JavaScript.

Main Features of TypeScript

  • It has the feature of Static Typing
  • It is portable and supports javascript libraries
  • Helps in fast programming
  • It is a strict superset of Javascript


Lua is a very concise and powerful language. It is a very lightweight language with a very simple syntax, written in C and easily embedded in C/C++ programs. Lua runs on only one basic principle: everything is a key-value hash table with metadata. Even functions. So much so that Lua hash tables are extensively optimized. This supports any style of programming you wish, and that can be a great learning tool, as others have mentioned.

Main Features of Lua

  • It is very efficient, portable and extensible.
  • It is adaptable to a broad range of applications
  • Provide cross-platform support
  • It is an extension programming language.

So which language is the “best” for Mobile App development? Choosing the right language for your mobile app development is very important and it depends upon many factors. It is also important to keep track of which programming languages are up-and-coming. The Mobile App development industry is evolving at a rapid pace. More than any language, we suggest grasping some general understanding of App development. If you have any query or want to discuss an app that you have in mind and want to build then get in touch with at us.

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