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Mobile app development framework

Best Mobile App Development Frameworks

Numerous frameworks have thronged the mobile applications industry alongside a plethora of development strategies. While passing through this competitive phase of app development, developers are finding it tough to choose the right plan and pick the appropriate Mobile Development framework for your mobile app development.

The transformation owes much to the availability of frameworks, which largely contributes to the success of cross-platform app development. The best mobile app development frameworks play a pivotal role in transforming iOS Apps to Android Apps. Here we listed popular mobile app development frameworks in 2019 that used for hybrid and cross-platform apps development. Every day new technologies and frameworks update for mobile app development. Let’s check today’s popular app development frameworks used by developers for mobile application. 


Iconic is a robust framework that most mobile app developers have used from time to time. The fact that it comes for free is an added advantage. It forms a great combination with JavaScript, CSS3, and HTML while developing native apps, which makes it a tremendous client-side framework. Iconic even helps in developing hybrid apps as it possesses an element of HTML 5. App developers consider it as a credible asset for developing Progressive Web Apps, and there’s no doubt about it. The Ionic framework supports the most advanced smart devices. It creates a supportive platform for mobile apps before they get launched.


Google had introduced Flutter, which is an open-source development platform for quality mobile apps. Composed in Dart Language, Flutter is another cross-platform for developing mobile apps. It’s handy in developing hybrid apps, so this framework is used frequently. It helps in developing visuals with the help of Skia, the engine that renders 2D. Flutter even allows you the opportunity to test your project. In case the developer commits a mistake, he doesn’t need to restart the entire project.

Mobile App Development

Adobe PhoneGap

The PhoneGap enables you to view every minute change or alterations caused to your app development process. The developers are capable of teaming this cross-platform framework with CSS, HTML5, and JavaScript while developing apps. Adobe PhoneGap should rank high on your list of preferences when you’re developing any hybrid app.

There aren’t any hardware limitations for developers, and they enjoy considerable freedom even while witnessing a best-in-class performance from this fantastic framework. Apart from iOS and Android, there are several other Operating Systems that boast apps built with PhoneGap. You may even incorporate a few plug-INS for gaining the leverage of adding extra functionality.


Xamarin is a mobile app development framework that operates from San Francisco and is a Microsoft creation. Windows, iOS, and Android run apps that you may develop with the help of Xamarin. Acquiring knowledge on utilizing the C# Codebase will enable you to use Xamarin. You may even seek the assistance of the platforms using Mac and Windows OS for sharing these codes. It helps you save much of your precious time as it gives you the advantage of sharing codes.

React Native

Facebook has come up with React Native, which is one of the most sought after cross-platform frameworks for developers. A vast majority of mobile app developers have gone for it ever since its inception in 2013. Many mobile application development tools like that of the IDEs are gaining much support from an open-source framework like React Native. When it comes to the creation of native apps for platforms like iOS and Android, the React Native proves to be an optimal JavaScript framework.

Corona SDK

Many app development frameworks have flooded the market. Out of so many frameworks, Corona SDK seems to be much faster. It yields excellent support from a coding language that’s light in weight and offers simplicity, flexibility, and speed for developing mobile apps. You may consider it if you’re working towards meeting a short deadline and yet don’t want to compromise on the quality of the app.  It’s supportive towards Mac OS and Windows and comes to you for free.

Native Scripts

Progress developed the Native Scripts framework and supported by a Bulgarian software provider called Telerik. Native Scripts ranks high among the hybrid app development frameworks. Native Scripts runs apps that include APIs that match the Android Studio. Their official website extends great support via tutorials.

Mobile Angular UI

The Mobile Angular UI contributes primarily towards Angular and Bootstrap framework. It allows you to utilize HTML5 for developing apps and even simplifies the app development process. It’s a free platform that also ensures a seamless performance with the help of overthrow.js and fastclick.js.


For any mobile app developer, the primary driving tool is the framework that he picks. You must remember that every app or project fulfills an end objective. That’s why you must consider all relevant factors and be careful while choosing a framework. You’re likely to introduce a long list of frameworks in 2019. Some of these frameworks are bound to appear in the list of priorities for most mobile app developers.

If you are planning to design and develop mobile application and confused to select which one is the best framework for mobile app development, Feel free to contact us and get a free quote from us. Send your requirements on [email protected] We will contact you back with your mobile app development solution. We believe in serving our clients with fully optimized mobile applications.

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