How Much Does it Cost to Build an iOS App?

Cost to Build an iOS App

The year of 2018 saw a huge surge of mobile applications touching around 2.2 mobile applications for the Apple Store. With the increase of users and with the growing demand for technology, these figures will double in the next two years. This will lead to a decrease in the cost of mobile applications because of stiff competition.

Several factors contribute to the cost of the formation of iOS mobile apps. The most notable part is the cost per hour required by an iOS app developer. They come to a close deal with development firms based on the level of proficiency as well as the competition in this sector. 

So let’s walk you through the current pricing structure available worldwide and this will surely help you to know the exact iPhone app development cost

How Much Does it Cost to Build an iOS App?

The average cost of development of iOS apps is around $8000 depending upon the complexity of the app. Here, in this article, we have presented the data after thorough research. So follow this section to know the cost incurred in building iPhone mobile apps.

Due to this market researchers always recommend you to select a performer based on the required price and the quality. 

  • In the European countries like Belarus, Ukraine, as well as Armenia it is quintessential to work in close association with the freelancers which charge a very huge amount. They come with the obvious combination of price as well as quality.
  • In countries like Latvia, Lithuania the cost of development of the building app varies within the price range of $ 41-$50. Here, also the specialists are contracted to carry such development of web apps or Android apps.
  • In the Scandinavian countries, the average cost of development varies between $ 39-$55 per hour.
  • In developed countries such as Great Britain or Ireland, of the cost of mobile app development varies within the range of 51$-100$.
  • The average US and Canada based companies charge somewhere around $50 to $250 per hour depending upon the type of app that has to be developed
  • Wheres as Australian agencies charge between $50 to $150 per hourly rate.
  • Indian rates for developing an iOS app costs somewhere around $10 to $80 per hour which are quite attractive.

iPhone App Development Cost: Know the Contributing Factors

There are certain factors on which the cost of iPhone app development depends. The size of the project is quite important behind the development process.

  • Animation Design
  • Prototyping
  • The distinctive custom design which requires typical engineering research.
  • Modifications and size of such changes that are made into the application development process.

To build such iOS apps, a programmer requires a huge amount of time. With the build of simple apps, the implementation becomes faster. Therefore, to evaluate the base price you have to multiply the hourly payment with the total time required.

Mobile App Development

Based on the functionality, the apps are categorized as basic, medium complexity as well as complex ones. 

  • Generally, two months is required in building simple apps for the iPhone.
  • More than 2 months are required to build a complicated mobile app.
  • The creation of the iPad and iPhone apps which are generally complex apps needs an extensive database. Therefore, an ideal design will last for more than six months.

Different Stages of iOS App Development

This process is somewhat stringent. There are several stages which are compulsory for certain projects and obviously, the development time increases. However, it doesn’t rely on complexity and labor-power. Therefore, let’s delve into the several stages of the app development.

  • Free cost estimate of 1-3 days.
  • A thorough study of the problem and the analysis based on the market value which will take almost 5 days.
  • Prototyping involves writing a technical assignment.
  • Designing.
  • Programming takes 18-60 days.
  • Testing requires 5-10 days as per the cost calculator.

Expenditure for Supporting Previous iOS Versions

If we take into consideration the work of the latest iOS versions, the older versions will not serve the purpose.  Until a new iOS app gains user’s confidence and gets a stable position in the ranking, you can easily improve and develop the previous versions technically. Moreover, the cost incurred for the advertising will also be retained.

It is quite known that the cost of the Android app development is similar to the cost incurred for iOS applications. The most important aspect is that it is difficult to work with the Android development owing to the diversified change in the Android device as well as screen size.

Due to this sole reason, development time for party APIs is more for Android than iOS. Therefore, the expense of developing older versions of Android apps and iOS tends to become higher.

A Brief Summary of the Estimated Cost for iOS Application

The financial expense for iOS app development should be calculated at least twice. The estimated cost depends on two variants namely the maximum and minimum cost associated with such projects. In the beginning, it is necessary to decide whether you like to continue the project or not.

Second of all, there will be an accurate estimate of the entire cost in building iOS applications to conclude a Development Agreement where the stages, terms, and the results are placed in detail. So read this article thoroughly and get to know the exact cost required in building such mobile apps.

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