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Mobile application Development platforms commonly known as MADP has introduced various software that would help in building mobile apps for androids and IOS through the Software development Life cycle process. This software is tested and also gets deployed by various Development Companies. This technology was introduced by a renowned research firm, Gartner. It was earlier known as Mobile Enterprise application Platforms and Mobile consumer application Platform.

Various popular companies like Red hat application Platform, Kinvey, Kony, Android Studio, Apple XCode, Telerik, Salesforce are the major vendors rendering this service to businesses. The vendors sell the front end development tools, Backend as a Service and other management tools for creating the Application Program Interface. This is a major interface that would help to communicate between two software programs. There are many Application Performance Monitoring Tools available to monitor your application performance after the development of the app.

MADP has got a bigger evolution and introduced extensive middleware along with back end services. The companies provide special features like multiple authentication processes, Data Storage and Push Notifications. The developer in the top mobile app development company knows when to use complex codes or low code which would make the platform work as responsive.

The below details would be helping us to understand each platform

Top Platforms for Mobile App Development 


This platform is popular for its Universal Code concept. The app that is built works in cross-platform. It can accelerate the application development process in Android and iPhone app development. It also works in Blackberry and can raise the speed in operations of the product development. It uses the Java Script by the Development Companies. The newer version has turned out to be stable; however, the previous versions use to have some bugs and would create lags. The application has got an extensive storage facility. It can deploy models very quickly through a rapid evaluation process of the user interface.

Though the application Development platform performs the entire process quickly, however, the customer service experience is poor for its resolutions to the complaints regarding support.


The App was developed by Nitobi and was later purchased by Adobe Systems in 2011. It is an open-source tool that is used in creating simple applications by the Android Development companies. The tool is used for building Windows, IOS and Android Applications. This can enhance the acceleration of the development process. It has also got the scheme less storage of data, which helps in the effortless setup process. The tool has got a compiler, debugger and testing tool that can attach popular web technologies. It helps in developing Plugins to capture images, Plugins to record media and many other features like Plugins for push notifications.

This application is used to build prototypes which would help in evaluating the User Interaction while designing the User Interface.

The Cloud-based builder for Mobile application helps in creating applications for Android or IOS. has got inbuilt components with access to Phone Gap, jQuery Mobile, and Ionic. It uses the Drag and drops feature to design and build the UI. It auto-generates the codes and later can be connected to the API. The Development Companies can use the Plugin catalog and also private plugins to develop and customize the platform with extensive functionalities.

The app has got a friendly feature for the mobile app developers by sharing the project within the team and collaborates to work in real time sharing.

Mobile Roadie

This is a popular App creator for the IOS and Android applications development. The Development Company supports all types of automatic import of RSS feeds, Twitter Update and Google News. It has got an auto-refreshing Fan that would provide real-time communication with the users. The preview of the back end would showcase exactly the view of the end-users. It would check the quality and other specifications of the content before submitting it to the app store.

The application has got a special feature of push notifications. The Language agnostic platform would help in pulling data from the platform and would showcase various formats in XML, PHP, CSV, HTML or JSON while downloading it.


The platform is popular for its suite of apps. This has helped the clients, events, Brochures to choose through varied approaches. The AppBuilder can itself define the structure and build the application for the business, however, it also provides training on developing customized applications, and to educate the companies to build an application (would work on Intranet). This application would help in protecting Public and private applications. This has got a special feature to create a gateway to multiple applications and can be used customized with branding.

The Application has got a unique feature that would help the Development Company to perform unlimited updates and publish them on multiple platforms through one click. The platform supports IOS and Android and features the live updates within a few seconds of the submission of an update.

Good Barber

It provides the best mobile application platform along with optimized websites for applications. The platforms can be controlled in detail without using any codes. It has got a variety of built templates that would help the Development companies to customize its platform with beautiful icons and Google Fonts. The app produces a platform that is progressive in features and can replace the existing websites with optimized platforms for Mobiles, Tablets, and desktops.

Visual feedback would appear whenever there is any adjustment in any parameters of the application. It works both in IOS and Android platforms. It can help in sending Unique and actionable push messages. It has got a friendly feature to organize the application by adding sections of videos, sounds, Events, and Photos.

The coding has created a fear of creating applications. The new applications have replaced the existing and have helped a lot to build own software for the business. Other platforms are popular for their extensive support in entering the mobile app market. Nowadays, the experience of coding is not required because evolution has made it easier in creating a perfect application for any type of business starting from the blog, service industry or any type of Product.

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