Benefits of Progressive apps

What is Progressive web apps

The most intriguing aspect of the progressive web app is to remove the size constraint and still be able to receive push notifications. Most significantly, regardless of working scheme and device, they can be used in any supported browser. You can have it on your mobile or desktop computer, in your preferred browser as well. It eliminates the posting of periodic app updates on the store, all that needs to be achieved is on the web page. The reason these websites are called progressive is that the frequent use of these applications makes them more and more effective to use. The use of Service Workers in the browsers provides the applications with the advantage of offline use and push notifications that were missing from the AppCaches.

What is Progressive Web Apps?

Progressive Web Apps is web applications that use the latest web technologies and they look just like an app. In simple words, Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are practically just another website or web page but they’re built to get appear to the reader or user like traditional apps or mobile apps. they use modern technologies to deliver a native app-like experience. The best feature of the Progressive Web App is its offline feature, i.e. to use a PWA user doesn’t need to have any network connection. A PWA works smoothly even in a low network connection.

Frameworks and Technologies that are used in building PWAs

Taking into consideration the popularity and usefulness, these below mentioned Technologies and frameworks are considered best for the development of a PWA. 

  1. Angular Js: This is a robust and transformative framework for building PWAs on the client-side. It makes feasible for developers to bring the various types of features in the phone and web apps. 
  2. React Js: it is a helpful javascript library that is utilized for creating attractive UI for PWAs. It has various benefits and saves both time and effort since its code can be reused and helps in improving the SEO. 
  3. Ionic: Another popular tool to build PWA is the Ionic Framework. It is an open-source hybrid app development framework which helps the programmers to manoeuvre the code structure and make their desired changes and functions in Ionic app development.

Benefits of Progressive apps

Here are enlisted some Key Benefits of Progressive Web Apps 

Offline Mode

PWAs come with an offline mode – a problem that standard native apps are still struggling to overcome. The information already accessed by the user will be available even in the absence of an internet connection.


Performance is enhanced through a faster loading time, regardless of the type of content that the app features. The goal is accomplished through the so-called service workers – a feature that works separately from the website and only requests raw data to minimize the transfer.


One of the major peculiarities of PWAs is its reliability. They continue working even under weak network conditions. The users never see the dinosaur, because the key resources are pre-cashed by service workers and this eliminates the dependency on the network. PWAs load instantly in any case.

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Push Notifications

Device-specific hardware features can be implemented through progressive web apps. Push notifications are one such feature. The developer has a lot of control over the push notifications and the manner in which these could be used for marketing purposes. A push notification can provide information about a blog post that has just been published. Alternatively, it can enable the direct purchase of an ecommerce item that the user follows or that has just become discounted, for example. The possibilities are numerous and research so far suggests that push notifications are getting read more than email newsletters or the status updates sent by social media.

Enhanced User Experience

PWAs focus on user experience. They imitate native apps but as already mentioned, lack some of the shortcomings. The interaction is smooth and highly engaging, just like the experience being offered by a native app. PWAs were originally meat for mobile instead of the web. The way in which they have developed, however, has turned them into the perfect solution for viewing on all types of screens and via all possible browsers.


Speed is another important advantage of Progressive web applications, they always provide quick responses to the actions of users through smooth animation, other than scrolling. It’s essential because more than 50% of customers are leaving the sites that are loading longer than three seconds.


Engagement is also the other characters to be listed. Every PWA looks like a natural implementation, it provides a full-screen interface and the ability to re-engage people through push notifications.


Search engines can readily find content in Progressive Web Apps. It offers fresh opportunities for content-centred businesses running native applications. Your content will be displayed in the search engine results when you use a PWA.

Other features

Users can also control how the app appears and begins, specifying the icon they want to see, the page to load on the opening of the app, the orientation of a screen, and some other choices.

Parting Thought

Progressive web apps have always been a matter of discussion and entice users due to its smooth functionality and great user experience. If you have any such kind of progressive web app that you want to have developed, let us know!

We at MindTech, hire people with great minds who can efficiently develop your project from scratch as per your requirements. If you have any queries or want to have a discussion, get in touch with us now!

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