How Much Does It Cost to Build a Website with ASP.NET? web development cost

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Website with ASP.NET?

Online businesses come with numerous lucrative opportunities in this fast-paced world of internet technology. Building an organizational website is the need of the hour for most business owners that want to create an online presence. That’s why it’s all the more important for businesspeople to include a few expert web developers within their network. The home page of a website acts as a hub wherein the interrelated web-pages provide easy access for the users. The users can visit these pages with a browser of their choice.

A majority of the business owners that want their presence felt around a website have a common question in mind – How much will it take to develop a website for their kind of business?

You may choose to build a business website with ASP.NET as it will help your users enjoy cool features and keep things within your budget. By hiring a few proficient developers, you may develop a user-friendly website that suits the needs of your business.

ASP.NET is one of the most advanced web applications development software launched by Microsoft Corporation. It can develop the most user-friendly shopping sites and e-commerce portals with features that support dynamic pages, HTML, and CSS and many benefits of Asp.Net MVC.

Cost-effective Option: ASP.NET is very useful in developing various web applications, building databases and creating forms. Web developers mostly resort to this highly efficient dialect. You can make good use of this platform for developing various mobile apps. The website development cost is nominal, and it can deliver a smart and efficient look for your website in no time. Your users are bound to save much of their precious time, and they’re aware of the saying ‘time is money’.

How much do you need to spend on building a website with ASP-NET?

There’s hardly any standard answer to this question. The purposes of building sites often vary with the nature of business. The needs of your audience leave an impact on the structure and pricing of your site. The cost of building a feature-laden website may be worth $15,000, while a simple website may cost you around $2,000 only.  Therefore, you must understand the factors that affect your website development cost.

Factors that determine the cost of building a website:

Domain Registration

The name of your website is the domain. The name you choose often leaves an impact on the value of registration. You might need to bear up to $15 alongside the other taxes.

Web Hosting

Hosting is about booking a place wherein you want your site to go live for the target audience. The hosting that you choose will determine its cost. You might need to allocate a few hundred to up to a few thousand depending on the purpose that your website serves.

Hiring a Developer

Coding is an essential segment of web development that makes your site stand. The developer needs to understand your thoughts and ideas before he starts working towards transforming your ideas into actions. The functionalities and layout of a website determine its pricing.

Optimizing a Site

Someone has to ensure that your business draws the attention of your users with your products or services. You must hire an SEO professional to be able to rank your business site on the Search Engine Result Pages.

Creating Quality Content

There are a few ground rules for writing web content. Web content needs to follow the norms of all significant search engines and fulfil the needs of the target audience. Posting quality content is essential for bringing your website within reach of your audience.

Content Management System

An efficient Content Management System adopts necessary changes within the website with a few clicks only. If you want any change within the content or want to ensure regular customization, it will be useful.

Responsive Site

A mobile website needs to be compatible with the needs of your target audience. That’s why it needs to be responsible for the smart devices used for business purposes.

Mobile Apps

A mobile business app plays a central role in driving traffic to a business website in this age of Android development. A business needs to bear a cost worth around $5000 to create and launch their Android app depending on the logic on which the app runs. These apps mostly come with simple feeds, filters and UI components. Depending on the needs of your business, you’ll need to incorporate audio or video support, third-party actions, rapid interactive system, animations, cross-platform functionalities and other advanced functions that enrich your business app. But in that case, you’ll arrive at a budget of around $30,000.


These are the primary factors that help in determining the cost of developing sites. With ASP.NET it becomes easier for you to build inexpensive websites that possess smart features.

Feel Free to reach us for a business site with advanced features. You may seek a free quote depending on your specific requirements.

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