How Much Does it Cost to Make an App

How Much Does it Cost to Make an App

Mobile development is a lucrative industry and just this year alone, we’ve seen hundreds of billions of app downloads. This means that there is a pressing need for more apps to be developed, which requires more developers to make these apps.

There is always an ongoing debate on the cost of making an app. The actual cost of app development is fully dependent on who will be making it, what needs to be made, and how long it needs to be made.

Before we discuss the cost of making an app, let’s embark on the fact that how many types of apps are there in order to estimate their development cost.

There are several types of apps according to the time needed for the development.

  • Basic apps with simple functionality require approximately 500-700 hours on development.
  • A medium complexity application takes more time, usually from 700 to 1000 hours.
  • Complex applications are time-consuming. Their development needs more than 1200 hours.

Factors contributing to the cost of developing an app


It is worth mentioning as the primary cost for making an app is not its resources but the labor or the talent working to make the app. Talent does not come cheap; app development, on average, costs about anywhere between $5,000 to $500,000. Manpower is the main driver of the price of making apps.

Some companies hire offshore teams to develop the app, and sometimes they hire freelancers or even have an in-house team; this doesn’t really change the cost to hire app developer, and usually, charges remain the same for what you’re initially quoted for by a team you’re looking to hire.

App Complexity

The complexity of an app also contributes to its cost; naturally, standalone apps cost less since they require no connection to the internet or consume data. These days these apps are rare but are still in circulation throughout different app stores be it Android or iOS.More commonly, apps these days require some consumption of data, or will need to connect to the internet; this will add to your bill for the app being developed, as this requires a certain level of complexity and adds to the time the app is being developed. There are three main classifications of complexity, which will depend on how much it costs to develop applications

  • The mobile application of the basic configuration and don’t require integration with any third-party APIs, or any backend infrastructure, which can be fully prepared in 300 hours.
  • Develop an application of the average level of costs, which will take about 500-600 hours. It may include custom UI features, real-time chats, payment features, tablet and handset adaptation, integration with APIs, and a simple backend server.
  • The application with a high functional set, to develop which you need more than 600 hours. It should include advanced functionality, such as audio/video processing, real-time synchronization, custom animations, integrations with third-party services, complex backend with several types of database relationships, and more.

Features and functionality

The number and complexity of the required features are the main cost builders in app development. Some of the features are quite easy to implement in your app. But some of them require utilizing third-party API or other solutions. Simpler functions usually need standard instruments. Let’s consider an example. Integrating in-app purchase support (e.g. PayPal, GoogleWallet and more) requires a lot of time. It happens because every payment process needs extra time for integration.

Customization of visual design

It’s obvious that building a unique UI design requires more time and money. In order to save money, OS-supplied items can be used. Moreover, the number of screens is also important.


Of course, the price difference between iOS and Android is quite small. However, if you want to develop an app for both platforms simultaneously, be ready to pay more. know more about cost of android app development and iPhone app development.

Backend Infrastructure

Backend is usually an OS that gives developers APIs to provide data exchange between an app and a database.

App Administration

The admin panel is quite useful for managing the app content as well as getting statistics. That’s why it’s better to create your own admin panel that follows all your requirements.

These above-mentioned factors directly or indirectly influence the cost of the development of an app. If you are still thinking about anything regarding the process of making an app or want some professionals hands to do this development task for you, get in touch with us. We at MindTech, have professional skilled developers who can work efficiently on various types of mobile app platforms and can help you make an app of your choice within your budget and can guide you regarding the steps involved.

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